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Our featured products this week

Wertheim AG03E
Wertheim AG03E Electronic Grade 1
  924.00 (1,136.52 inc VAT)

Grade 1, Cash Cover €15,000

 With S&G Digital Lock

 4102 Light Fire Protection

  • Ext: 280 H x 400 W x 312 D mm
  • Int: 230 H x 350 W x 180 D mm
  • Volume:14 litres, Weight:60 kg

In stock

Kaso PTK E3-310DPT
Kaso PTK E3-310 Deposit With Timelock Grade 3
  3,995.00 (4,913.85 inc VAT)

 Grade 3, Cash Cover €50,000

  With S&G Digital Timelock

  • Ext: 912 H x 618 W x 550 D mm
  • Int: 493 H x 486 W x 364 D mm
  • Volume:87 litres, Weight:490 kg

In stock

Chubb Duoguard 40E
Chubb Duoguard 40E Electronic Grade 1
  1,089.00 (1,339.47 inc VAT)

 Grade 1, Cash Cover €15,000

 With S&G Multi-user Lock

 60 Minutes Fire Protection

  • Ext: 435 x 500 x 456 mm
  • Int: 335 x 400 x 295 mm
  • Volume:40 litres, Weight:90 kg

In stock

Wertheim AP25E
Wertheim AP25E Electronic Grade 1
  1,593.00 (1,959.39 inc VAT)

 Grade 1, Cash Cover €15,000

 With S&G Digital Lock

 30 Minutes Fire Protection

  • Ext: 969 H x 605 W x 522 D mm
  • Int: 855 H x 495 W x 310 D mm
  • Volume:131 litres, Weight:305kg

In stock