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Buying A Certified Safe For Home Use

Buying a correctly certified safe for home use while avoiding the pitfalls of supplier fraud and misrepresentation can be a complicated task.

There is and likely always will be a great deal of misleading information regarding European certification and testing circulating within the safe and vault industry in general but the problem is particularly acute in Ireland. Many people confuse in house testing or manufacturer testing with proper accredited European testing to the detriment of both the customer and the industry. Many others do so deliberately as misleading information is often intentionally circulated by individuals, manufacturers and organisations in Ireland and the UK to promote the sale of untested safes with no proven resistance to attack or second hand safes which will often contain asbestos and other harmful substances.

EU regulation 765/2008 created the system that provides the legal basis of accreditation for the certification of safes to European standards (ISO/IEC 17065). A system backed by regular auditing and market surveillance. Accredited European Certification is verifiable assurance that a safe, fire safe, data cabinet or strongroom has been tested and certified under European law. This is proof of standard for insurance, GDPR and litigation purposes. A reputable safe supplier will always provide accredited certification documents for a certified unit. The safe, fire safe, data cabinet or strongroom will have at least one certification plate which can be located on the inside of the door. This will always be a stamped metal plate, never a sticker.

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The certification plate will clearly state the certification standard, the name of the accredited certification body and an ISO/IEC17065 accreditation. The ISO/IEC17065 accreditation will also be noted on certification documents. All plates clearly state the European certification standard and the name of the accredited certification body, ECB-S, VDS, CNPP or SBSC. accreditation. This is not only proof of standard for litigation purposes but the only basis for recommended insurance rates in Europe.

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