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Certified Safe And Vault Documentation

When buying a safe or vault always ask for proof of accredited certification for the product.
 This is your guarantee that what you are buying is tested and recognised by the insurance industry.

A certificate of testing should always be available from a reputable safe or vault supplier. 

safe test certificate

Certificate information can be verified on any of the accredited certification bodies web sites. ECB-S, Vds, A2p or SBSC. 

Remember: To issue an accredited certification of a safe or vault test the issuing body must be accredited to certify such tests.

As well as a certificate of testing the safe itself  should have a certification badge fixed to the inside of its door stating its grade in Roman numerals, its weight and its type.

The details on the certificate and the badge should match.


Safes Ireland™ will be happy to check any suspicion you may have regarding "certified" safes you already own or to assist you in finding the right safes to suit your needs and business. We will even check the credentials of a safe you have been offered by another supplier free of charge.


Special note:

 Certified By LPCB (UK) - This U.K. genuine certification body is not accredited to ISO/IEC 17065:2012 to certify safes.

 A.I.S. Approved - The A.I.S. is a U.K. organisation that "approves" safes. This approval is not a certification.