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European Certification Standards

In order to be valid in the E.U. any certification you see on a safe or vault must be awarded by a certification body that has European accreditation according to EN45011 or the new ISO/IEC 17065:2012 standard.

This accreditation is confirmation of competence according to ISO/IEC 17065:2012 to carry out the certification of the specific security products listed on the cert in accordance with the relevant European standards.

There are many “certification marks” in the European market that have no such accreditation.

There is nothing wrong with a manufacturer or an individual creating a certification mark or grade and using it on their products, but as a non accredited certification, it has no legal basis under CEN European Standards. The purpose of such a “certification” mark is open to question and can often mislead.

All certified safes tested to the EN1143-1 (non deposit) or EN1143-2 (deposit) standard are tested as they were manufactured and are certified once the test is complete to their proven level of resistance.


Once a test certificate has been issued for a particular product only very minor alterations may be permissible such as a lock upgrade or an alarm cable track.

  • Any physical alterations to the unit such as suction tube, capsule deposit, rotary deposit drum or envelope slot will make the EN1143 certification void for insurance purposes.


The certification badge for a safe or vault can be located on the inside of the door.

Insurance surveyors and risk managers wishing to identify safes and obtain an indication of their cash and jewellery rating regularly send images and safe details direct to us at

No charge is made for this service but in the event that it is necessary to advise policy holders to obtain a new safe, we ask that Safes Ireland™ are given an opportunity to quote for its supply. Please review the safe identification guide below and send us as complete information as possible if you wish to have us identify a mystery safe or vault.


Valid European Certification

The only bodies who can issue valid European certification for these standards at present are:



CNPP - France



ECBS - Germany



SBSC - Sweden



VdS - Germany