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The Criminal Sale Of Safes & Cabinets Containing Asbestos In Ireland

Safes And Cabinets Containing Asbestos Continue To Be Sold On A Daily Basis In Ireland.

  • After an investigation in late 2019 The Law Society Gazette publishes our findings in July '19. The Health And Safety Authority issue a public notice in October '19.
  • The topic is top of the agenda at ESSA's annual conference held in Frankfurt in November '19.

The issue of asbestos in safes, document and filing cabinets has been swept under the carpet by vested interests in the safe supply industry in Ireland and the UK for at the expense of very serious health repercussions for many buyers and users of uncertified safes and cabinets.

Safe suppliers and private sellers in Ireland are still supplying and openly advertising safes and cabinets that have been flagged by the HSA as presumed to contain asbestos and are using a variety of official looking documents, unaccredited certifications and quazi-credentials to sell them.

Safes and fire-resistant cabinets containing asbestos are common on the second-hand market in Ireland and are present in countless businesses, office, banks and Credit Unions across the country. Most of these units are being used by unsuspecting office staff who are risking exposure to asbestos fibres on a daily basis.

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