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Identification Of Safes And Vaults

Safes Ireland™ has gathered together a huge database of safe serial numbers, literature and images. We use this information and experience to provide a safe identification and assessment service.


Safes Ireland™ managing consultant is Alan Donohoe Redd. M.Sec.I.I

Alan Donohoe Redd. M.Sec.I.I. is an extraordinary member of ESSA, a member of the Security Institute Of Ireland and the only Irish representative on the European Union's CEN Committee 263 dealing with drafting new European standards for safes, vaults and related locking systems.

Alan has also been sitting on the the Private Security Authority Of Ireland Working Group for a new licensing requirement for suppliers and installers of safes due to be launched in 2017. Alan was specifically asked to advise on European standards for safes, vaults, associated certified locking systems and insurance requirements.

Alan is a longstanding distributor for Sargent And Greenleaf (Switzerland), Wertheim Safes (Austria) and Kaso Security (Finland). Alan is also involved in project development with IC Service And Maintenance a specialist CCTV, alarm, access control and electrical integration company based in Park West in Dublin.

Alan is convenor of the Irish Safes Ratings Group, an expert group of senior risk managers, safe and vault technicians and regulatory bodies that was established in 2016 to make and periodically update recommended insurance ratings related to the overnight cash cover for certified safes, strong rooms and secure cabinets for the Republic Of Ireland.


Safe And Vault Identification

Insurance surveyors and risk managers wishing to identify safes and obtain an indication of their cash and jewellery rating regularly send images and safe details direct to us at

No charge is made for this service but in the event that it is necessary to advise policy holders to obtain a new safe, we ask that Safes Ireland™ are given an opportunity to quote for its supply. Please review the safe identification guide below and send us as complete information as possible if you wish to have us identify a mystery safe or vault.


The most important method of establishing a safe's identity is to open it.

  • All tested safes will carry test certification plates on the inside of the door. This gives the model name, the test grade achieved, and the name of the test house. When a safe is tested according to European standards it has a test badge fixed to the inside of its door stating its grade in Roman numerals, its weight and its type. This information can be verified on any of the recognised test houses web sites.


Checking On Safe Unknown Models

Please take a photograph of the safe with the door open and with the door closed to include the bolts, the door plate and the hinges. We can identify 90% of safes this way.

Take any safe number you can find and note where it was found on the safe. For older safes often you will find a number stamped on the door bolts or on a hinge.

Note accurate external and internal measurements in millimeters (Height, Width, Depth) Body Thickness. Usually half or less the thickness of the doorplate.

Locks. The number of key locks, combination locks etc.


Marks Of Valid European Certification


CNPP - France - Cert mark is A2P


ECBS - Germany


SBSC - Sweden


VdS - Germany