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Pneumatic Cash Tube Systems

Pneumatic Tube Systems or vacuum cash transfer systems are a popular method of moving cash over distance in a retail environment but when these systems are fitted directly to a certified safe the insurance certification of the safe is permanently destroyed.


Tests And Alterations

All certified safes tested to the EN1143-1 standard are tested as they were manufactured and are certified once the test is complete to their proven level of resistance. Once a test certificate has been issued for a particular product only very minor alterations may be permissible such as a lock upgrade or an alarm cable track.

It stands to reason that any physical alterations to the unit such as vacuum tube, capsule deposit, or rotary deposit drum all of which involve cutting large apertures into the certified safe body will of course make the EN1143 certification that existed before the alteration void for all purposes.

In the case of the pneumatic tube or capsule deposit, because a hole has been cut into the safe (usually around 65mm) the safe certification couldn't possibly be still valid as the barrier material has been extensively breached. It is only the very ignorant or dishonest who will assert otherwise.

Letter from The Association Of Insurance Surveyors


Don't Be Fooled

One more important point is NO manufacturer makes an insurance certified pneumatic capsule deposit safe.

Many manufacturers make these units in their factories as special orders but when this happens any certification labels that would normally be on the unit should be removed as this type of alteration means the certification is no longer valid. The reason a capsule deposit can not be certified or secure is clear. The safe's barrier material has had a 65mm hole cut into it, this constitutes a breach is the safe's protection that did not exist when the safe was originally tested.


Genuine Certified Deposit Systems

Genuine certified deposit systems are given the certification EN1143-2 or EN1143-2D as distinct from EN1143-1 which is only used for a safe certified without a deposit facility. If your deposit safe does not display this cert or has no badge inside its door it's not a good sign, if its a new safe, its not certified.

Remember a certification badge must be one awarded by an accredited European testing house to be valid. There's nothing to stop an insurance company giving a cash cover on any uncertified unit but this would have to be based on a risk assessment where all the facts are made available to the insurer. This is rarely the case so unless the insurer is aware of the fact the safe is uncertified, the insurance is technically void if there is a loss.



When it comes to insurance it is the policy holder's responsibility to see that all details regarding a safe, strong room or vault are correctly submitted. Please be aware that all national certification bodies in the E.U. are not necessarily accredited so make sure you check.


Safes Ireland™ will be happy to check any suspicion you may have regarding "certified" safes you already own or to assist you in finding the right safes to suit your needs and business. We will even check the credentials of a safe you have been offered by another supplier free of charge.

Deposit safes grades and cash covers: (Cover only applies to recognised European certification)

Grade 1 - €12,500
 Grade 2 - €25,000
 Grade 3 - €50,000
 Grade 4 - €90,000