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Safe And Vault Timelock And Anti Hold-Up

The majority of armed robberies are not well planned. Offenders are rarely rational or in control however you can reduce the likelihood of a hold-up quite significantly with better cash handling facilities and procedures.


DO NOT RESIST AN ARMED ROBBERY EVER! Your response should appear to co-operate with the offender and always do exactly as you are told.


Daytime Anti Hold-up: (Time Delay)

Time delay locking was engineered for the transitory protection of cash during business hours. Usually fitted to a deposit safe where deposits are inserted through the deposit trap but the safe can only be opened after the pre-determined delay period the Time Delay lock has been set for. This can be anything from 1 min to 99 minutes.

It is widely accepted that the majority of robberies take 90 seconds to complete and it is very important to avoid putting staff in a position where they feel they must resist an attack. With a time delay system in place a code can be freely handed over but the contents of the unit will remain secure unless the raider is prepared to wait for the delay period to end. In a daytime hold-up situation this is almost impossible.


Overnight Hold-up prevention: (Time Lock)

A Timelock is an essential component for any commercial safe not only to prevent loss but more importantly protect staff!

As part of an overall cash system the timelock restricts access to bulk cash during business hours and prevents it completely outside of business hours making an overnight robbery impossible.

Modern timelocks are digital 365 day certified solutions which do not need to be set and can not be interfered with by operators. Time delay can be added to the timelock for daytime use and audit trail is another option that can be integrated to the system to give total control and complete records of all access to cash.

Anti Hold-up Signage:

Time delay and timelock not only reduces loss and protects staff but also deters future attacks and may even prevent them completely.

With the use of our free signage advertising the fact that a time delay system is present, criminals are aware that cash is not freely available greatly increasing their risk of getting caught. This system and signage is used widely by the Banking industry for good reason.



NEVER BRING A SAFE KEY HOME! Your safe key should be useless outside of business hours if you have a timelock in place. We recommend totally eliminating the need for keys on all commercial safes particularly deposit safes.