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Safe Grade 3 Wertheim​ CWS1000

1000000 item(s)
(3,510.91 inc VAT)
List price: 3,252.80

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Irish Safe Ratings Group R.O.I. Rating €50,000 Or €250,000 Contents
Official Rate For The Republic Of Ireland
AIS Approved U.K. Rating £35,000 Or £350,000 Contents
Applies In The United Kingdom Only*
  • Ext: 1003 H x 810 W x 725 D mm
  • Int: 850 H x 660 W x 480 D mm
  • Volume:269 litres, Weight:1010kg

Safe Grade 3 Wertheim CWS1000

A distinctive feature of the CWS series safes is their solid construction plus their size (CWS 1902 and CWS1904 double-doored) and they are available with optional fire protection – tested and certified in grade LFS60P. The body is double-walled, reinforced and filled with armoured high resistant barrier material. The door structure is triple-walled, reinforced, filled with armoured, high resistant barrier material with internal boltwork protected by sheets of hardened steel to give extra anti-drill resistance.

  • External size: 1003 x 810 x 725 mm (HxWxD)
  • Internal size: 850 x 660 x 480 mm (HxWxD)
  • Volume: 269 litres, Weight: 1010 kg

Size Options

Model External (HxWxD) Internal (HxWxD) Weight
CWS0849 848 x 645 x 565mm 695 x 495 x 320mm 625kg
CWS0850 848 x 810 x 725mm 695 x 660 x 480mm 865kg
CWS1000 1003 x 810 x 725mm 850 x 660 x 480mm 1010kg
CWS1200 1193 x 810 x 725mm 1040 x 660 x 480mm 1110kg
CWS1600 1538 x 810 x 725mm 1385 x 660 x 480mm 1365kg
CWS1901 1883 x 810 x 725mm 1730 x 660 x 480mm 1640kg
CWS1903 1883 x 1100 x 725mm 1730 x 960 x 480mm 2030kg
CWS1902 1883 x 1110 x 725mm 1730 x 960 x 480mm 2070kg
CWS1904 1883 x 1415 x 725mm 1730 x 1265 x 480mm 2480kg

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