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The Problems With Underfloor Safes

Underfloor Safes are experiencing a resurgence in popularity recently. Units in a large range of designs, many imported from China have become available very cheaply to the trade. As the main cost of an underfloor safe is labour in fitting, selling an underfloor safe is a very profitable proposition to many suppliers.

There are however many problems and dangers associated with underfloor safes that aren't advertised.



1. There is NO certified insurance cover on an under floor safe.

This is probably the most important factor against underfloor safes. No underfloor safe has passed European testing and it is unlikely any safe ever will. The main protection against attack for the underfloor safe is the concrete around it. As this is down to the fitting there is no way to gauge it's effectiveness. It is also unlikely this would be greater than a entry level safe at best.


2. Incorrect fitting can lead to serious structural problems.

If fitted incorrectly an under floor safe can cause a serious problem with damp course of your floor. It has to be said that  the majority of under floor safes we have seen weren’t fitted correctly. When a hole is excavated for an under floor safe it has to be below the level of your houses damp course. This hole then needs to be re-sealed against damp at the lower level with a perfectly smooth finish before fitting the safe. 

The result of not doing this correctly can be dampness rising throuout the floor and adjacent walls and severe damage to the safe and its contents. In some cases floors eventually have to be replaced.


3. Corrosion

The temperature differential between the inside and the outside of the safe will cause condensation on the safe lid. The lid being the highest point of the safe. Over time this will cause rust. For this reason your key lock needs to be maintained or you will eventually have a problem. A mechanical combination lock will have similar issues. Electronics are not recommended.


4. Expensive to install and cannot be moved.

There is also the fact that most under floor safe doors would be of a very low level construction when compared to a certified free standing safe. Therefore the main attribute an under floor safe has regarding security is the fact that it may be hidden. Do not expect an under floor safe to withstand a competent attack. It probably won’t.